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Newsletter Focus:

  • Hard-to-find apps that provide unique value at zero-cost.

More specifically:

  • Useful free tools to:

    • communicate,

    • market,

    • collaborate,

    • build relationships/communities and to

    • monetize the value one creates online.

  • Unique value, ease-of-use and great savings in terms of money and time.

  • 100% free or with very generous free plans.



  • Indie entrepreneurs

  • Creators, authors

  • Indie publishers, bloggers, journalists

  • Experts, coaches, trainers, consultants

Tools Selection Criteria:

  • 100% free (or with very generous free plan)

  • not well-known

  • useful for communication, marketing, collaboration, monetization

  • personally tested and verified



Making available hard-to-find and highly useful resources for independent entrepreneurs so that they can lower their costs, be well-equipped with good tools and can in turn support and share the value of these tools with other indie entrepreneurs.


Benefits / Advantages:

  • Saves you time from having to browse and check tens of new tools that come out every week.

  • Discover cool hard-to-find tools that can be useful for you as well as for your audience and clients.

  • Save hundreds of dollars otherwise spent in app purchases and subscriptions.

  • Get pre-tested and vetted tools that I personally recommend.



Robin Good (digital app reviewer since March 2000)

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